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Upon ~ a ~ Myth
(Fringe) P/O peace
Title: Nature Boy
Characters/Parings: Peter/Olivia
Song: Nature Boy - Pomplamoose, Originally by Eden Ahbez
Length: 2:17
Spoilers / Warnings: Through Season Two, heavily from "Brown Betty"
Notes: Created for the scifiland video challenge, "Love" theme, this video was honored with a third place win. It uses the story within a story set up of "Brown Betty" to convey the quiet truth I feel is apparent in Peter and Olivia's relationship: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

There was a boy...Collapse )
Title: The Getaway
Author: Truemyth
Pairing / Character: Logan/Veronica, Logan PoV
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,511ish
Summary: Veronica tracks Logan down to a seaside cliff in Mexico.
Spoilers / Warnings: No real spoilers, but it makes more sense if you’ve seen season one. / SMUT.
Author’s Note: Written for the loveathons’s Outdoors smut challenge. This is what happens when I try to write fluff. You get a happy but by no means completely fluffy story. Beta’d by the beauteous mutionousmuse. X-posted HERE to veronicamarsfic and to loveathons.

The GetawayCollapse )
(X-F) Out of Shadows / Into the Light
Title: One Sorry Son of a Bitch
Author: Truemyth
Pairing / Character: Mulder/Scully (Mentions of Diana/Mulder, Teena/Bill)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 684
Summary: Mulder was sorry about a lot of things...
Spoilers / Warnings: Spoilers through Millennium (7x04).
Author’s Note: I swear this was a drabble when it started. Written for the "regrets" challenge at thedrabblefiles and originally posted here. Used for prompt #96 “Regrets” at 100_situations.

One Sorry Son of a BitchCollapse )
(X-F) Scully talks shop.
Title: Parenthetical
Author: Truemyth
Pairing / Character: Mulder/Scully
Rating: R
Word Count: 868
Summary: Scully gets another midnight call from Mulder.
Spoilers / Warnings: None really, but set around sixth season.
Author’s Note: Written for the second round of xf_pornbattle and originally posted here. The prompts will be listed at the end of the story. This was betaed by the marvelous memories_child. Used for prompt #78 “Kitchen” at 100_situations.

ParentheticalCollapse )
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